I finally came around and created Facebook fan pages for myself and the novel I have been working on. I had been a bit self-conscious about it for the last month or so and today I finally decided to go for it. Naturally, Amarilis was the first person to like both pages before I got the chance to finish them but I am not complaining. She has always been one of my biggest fans.

I am one of those people that when I really enjoy something, I like to spread it around. It saddens me when I look on Facebook or Twitter or even a professional website only to learn there is none. I’m positive some of you out there know exactly how I feel.

So I refuse to be an unsocial person! Matter of fact,  I love to socialize (besides just blabbering on for ever about anything and everything) so don’t be afraid to leave a comment or message.

To admit the truth, I would have thought my personality would be hard to translate via the written and type word but it seems to be coming out okay! I was bashful at first with all my post, wondering what people would think, until I really thought about it for a moment. Me and shy are just too very different things. So to hell with it!

My Mother’s Secret is in the process in between other things, but I do have all my readers in mind. Don’t worry! You will be able to read it as an eBook, just bear with me people! Normally, when I post, it is when I am taking a breather.

If I don’t, I get this horrible thing called writer’s block. It is a really scary imagination/idea blocker that leaves me both agitated and crabby. My husband, Robert, has experienced the side affects first hand. Thank goodness I have him to keep me on the right track! 😛

Any who, be sure to go to Facebook and/or Twitter and like/follow me! Don’t me afraid to talk with me, I love interacting with people. Literally! Just do know that the pages are under construction, but constructive (or deconstructive) criticism is always appreciated! It helps to make a better fan base!


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