Usually, I use my free time to write, mainly because it is the only time I can. Seeing as today was a day which I had to myself, writing was my only goal. As it turns out, I was wrong. Just before my husband left for work this morning, we were surprised to find we had a new addition to our family.


A pure bred Chihuahua had been delivered to our door, a new companion for my grandmother. Which, me being me, I just so happened to fall in love with.

After renaming him to Yogurt (we assume his original name was Joker but Grandma’s english isn’t that great so Yogurt was close enough), we went on a shopping spree for the little guy.

So instead of  spending the day writing, I have spent it carrying a puppy from store to store in search of puppy food, clothing, leashes, and making appointments for vaccines. Yogurt, of course, adores the attention.Be aware that I will probably be sharing more and more photos of this cutie because I can. He is a distraction that I am enjoying, though I should get back to work.

On a different note, My Mother’s Secret is still in progress but it is getting done nonetheless. I know some of you are still waiting patiently to hear about it and when it will be available but I still have other things I must tend to in between writing. I will try to put the puppy down for a bit and work for a while, but obviously puppies are creatures too hard to ignore for long. 😉
Until next time.


One thought on “Puppy Love

  1. LMAO!!! i can just picture Titi in my head trying to say “Joker.” lol it’s too funny! xD this little guy is going to be one spoiled puppy. 🙂

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