Yesterday afternoon I shared news of our new family member, a Chihuahua named Yogurt. Today I have equally exciting news. Yogurt was brought to my grandmother from Florida to spend time with her. Everyone in the house immediately grew attached to the little cutie pie.

After spending the entire day gushing out our love and affection to the adorable pup, we wrapped it up and prepared to sleep for the night. ( I did do some writing, in case anyone was curious.) At about 9:30pm, Grandma receives a phone call asking if we could take in another Chihuahua.

Apparently, Yogurt was brought up from Florida with one of his siblings and given to another family. Sadly the family said the puppy had behavioral problems and didn’t want to keep her.

I, on the other hand, was ecstatic to have her. Now, instead of having one, I have two puppies to drive me insane and deprive me of my personal time! I bet some of you are wondering as to why I would want a puppy that has an attitude problem, right? Well here is why: the family that had intended to take in the so called trouble maker realized they didn’t want a dog and needed an excuse to get rid of her. In other words: they lied.

As soon as she was in my arms, she curled up and fell asleep. The meanest thing I have seen her do is steal Yogurt’s tennis ball and run away with it. 🙂 She is extremely timid, cautious, and adores to cuddle on your lap. She is a real princess. Now, may I introduce you to my puppy: Cocoa!



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