I don’t like getting or being sick. Reason being that I feel like crappy and I am not up to what I need to do. It is worse when I have to leave work early or call out altogether. I feel horrible when I have to do this because I know I have just messed up the natural order of things (well, the natural order at work). Plus, I lose out on hard earned money.

Unlike high school, it has always been burned into my mind that I would not miss a single day of work unless I was truly ill. When those times did occur, I would feel bad for even getting sick to start with. I’m sure the reason behind this is that I know there is someone depending on me to come in. It is just some deep subconscious crap, I guess.

The root of this ramble about being sick and missing out on work has to do with today. I’m sick and, as you can tell, I’m not too happy about it. I have been fighting off this cold over the last week. Today it appears the cold has won out. I have a pounding headache, slight nausea, and a stuffy nose. To top it off, it has been raining all morning and noon.

I can admit I am a very stubborn young woman. I shouldn’t have gone into work, but I did. I am not sure what it is about people needing to be out on rainy days but you can only imagine how busy it was at work.

After surviving five hours, my manager, Lori, told me to go home. Apparently, it was noted that I wasn’t my peppy self. My darling husband was able to pick me up and he is now taking care of me.

I won’t say that I am not grateful for being able to rest and get better, but I do wish I hadn’t gotten sick to begin with. I don’t like feeling this tired and needy. At least I have my husband to make me soup and cuddle with. I just hope to get better sooner than later.


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