I’m the chic who can never slow down or take a break. Mainly because when I do, I feel guilty and think I should be doing something important. I purposely give myself (and my husband) stuff to do. Even when I am already busy with a million other things. I did it all through out high school and it seems to have followed me into this so called “Real World” they had been warning us about since elementary.

By the way, the moment your parents make you get a job and pay for things you want, you have officially entered the “Real World”. Not as scary as people made it out to be, just really stressful and expensive. I’m not saying don’t prepare yourself for it, just don’t give yourself an anxiety attack before you get there. If you do things right, it will be an okay ride.

Anyway, back to my main topic. Today is my day off from work. I don’t claim that I work that many hours a week, but after running back and forth and standing for hours at a book store you do happen to need some time to rest. I just can’t ever seemed to do that. It is a weird little detail about me. I always have to be doing something productive.

Now this doesn’t mean it is useful to the general public, like my friends or family. No, I mean that it is productive to me in some way.

So today, a day I should be using to rest, I doing chores and errands. Since waking up and having coffee, I have/am: Called to make appointments for various things, found out if our car would be fixed this weekend (it will not be, sadly), cleaned the bedroom in which I share with my husband, read a few more chapters of a book, and have been working on my novel.

I know there are a few moms who are saying: “So what? I do that with at least three kids strapped to my back!” For those moms that do that, I give you kudos. Even with two cups of coffee, I know I wouldn’t be able to handle a gazillion errands with children in tow.

I am also helping my grandmother train Yogurt. Not to be rude, but it is a little more than obvious that she has never had a pet in her life. When Yogurt misbehaves she threatens to ground them. I’m sure it would be effective if he was aware of what she was saying, but that isn’t the case. This is a woman who has raised six daughters but has no idea on how to take care of a puppy. Funny world, isn’t?

Above all, I still have to workout tonight. I want to get back into the habit of working out and like they say: “You just need to get over that three day hump.” Normally after three days you know whether you can do something or not. Truth is, I don’t want to workout tonight. But I do want to be healthy. It is bad enough that I have to diet and cut out more than half of the things I like to eat, but I have to do it for myself so I can be happy.

What I do want to do is get back into painting. If my math is right (which it normally isn’t), it has been about a year since I painted/drawn something just because. Out of the four years I attended high school, the first three years of my work had really been class related. It wasn’t until my senior year that I was finally able to work on stuff I was free to create.

When we were still in California, Robert had bought me some canvases and a small set of acrylic paint. Since we had to move to Connecticut so suddenly, I had to toss the canvases because we didn’t have to room to keep them. Now it has just been a matter of time (and money) for me to be able to stop at that fancy art supply store in West Hartford and buy a few new ones.

Speaking of school, I still have to apply for college for the fall semester. So many things that I have planned to do and they keep popping up as I go. I wouldn’t be surprised if my brain was completely fried by the time I’m twenty-five. That isn’t a good thing, since I hope to be a mental health counselor.

As you can see, I keep adding more and more to my plate. I guess I am a bit of a glutton when it comes to getting things done. I just can’t get enough done in my head. I have a lot of goals that need to get checked off. I just have to make sure that it isn’t more of a bucket list versus things I need to get done. Don’t they do say that too much work can kill you?


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