We aren’t exactly having a heat wave, but it has been sickly hot for the last couple days. It has gotten to the point where I can’t even concentrate. Every night I check the weather for the next day, which says there will be a thunderstorm, only to have another muggy and sweltering day.

It is beyond unbearable. This was the one thing I had forgotten about the state of Connecticut. When we have the worst winters, we have equally horrid summers. It is a well known fact that we have the most random weather patterns here.

It was an easy and dry winter, but still abominably freezing. So in short, this means we are going to have a pretty bad summer. Not even a fan can conquer this blaze. We can only pray it will pass sooner than later. I am practically just sweating while typing this (I know, not something anyone wants to hear).

On another note, I want to let everyone has been curious about the progress of My Mother’s Secret that it is well on its way. I know I mentioned before I had a few things on my plate and I am sad to inform that I still do, but I am also working very hard to complete this novel, edit it, and make it available. I really wish I could dedicate every minute to writing, but life has a plan of its own and does not intend to fill me in on it.

Robert has been extremely supportive and does let me know when it is time to take a break (though I am highly reluctant).

I can barley sleep at night (partially due to the heat) from the never ending thoughts that run through my head. My brain is burned out on words. One of the main reasons I am posting today is because I haven’t in a while and I feel as if that makes me a bad person. It probably doesn’t, but it is just how I see things. I just want to make sure everyone knows that I am still working very hard on this novel, as well as coming up with a few other ones I feel people will enjoy.

Speaking of which, I have been contemplating on whether I should dabble in two different forms of writing. Well, if I can call it that. One is if I can write in a male’s perspective. I can admit I am not the most feminine of my gender, but I am not 100% positive I can write in a guy’s point of view with out making him sound like a chick.

Another is if I should write a sci-fi novel. Now this is something I have absolutely never done before. I know it is good to try something new and widen the field, but I wouldn’t want to botch a genre before I even try.

I have been having this idea for a novel based on shape shifters for a while now and I definitely want to go forward with it. My main issue is that I am unsure if I want to make the protagonist male or female. I know I can write in a girl’s point of view, no problem. (There would be if I couldn’t), but a guy’s would be more of a challenge.

I am so used to reading about girls who find and fall in love with guys who have tortured souls and are trying to get by in life.

This is why I want to write this novel in a male’s perspective. It is something I am excited to do, but I am a little cautious on how to do it. I am open to ideas, opinions, and anything else that will help.

Now for the new genre thing, most people have been writing lately about post-apocalyptic worlds where humanity is struggling to survive. It has varied from zombie outbreaks to the wars that went horribly wrong to the human race just losing electricity and having to learn how to live all over again.

I don’t normally write stories based on crazy dreams that I have because they are normally just that: crazy dreams.  But the other night I dreamed of a dystopia and I haven’t gotten it out of my mind since. This is what led to the equally crazy idea that I want to give sci-fi a shot.

At least after this I will know whether I have a future with it and continue, but if not I can say I tried and move on. That is the best one can do.


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