I’ve been babysitting my three month old cousin, Alondra, all day (She is my cousin’s daughter, so in truth Alondra is technically my second cousin). Alondra is the easiest baby I have had to take care of, doing normal baby stuff: sleeping, eating, diaper change, and more sleeping. She is a joy to spend time with. Unless I try knitting  or leaving her side while she naps.

I took up knitting last week and can say I have gotten pretty good at it. So far I have master the knit stitch, purl stitch, and the linen stitch. I know some of you pro-knitters are saying those are easy but keep in mine that I had no idea what I was doing when I started. Lucky for me that Youtube had some seriously informative instructional video.

Alondra normally falls asleep shortly after eating so I take the time to knit or leave the room for a moment. Turns out I can’t do either without her waking up and crying. And here I thought Cocoa was going to be a handful and in serious need of attention. Whoever said pets were a great way to prepare you for kids were really off. Cocoa can be left alone for a few minutes and (hopefully) nothing dangerous would have happened.

A baby simply lying there could lead to something scary.

Anyway, I have been working on a knitting project in between writing lately and since I was watching Alondra I decided to work on both the knitting and the writing. Well, Alondra doesn’t like that one bit. I wait until she falls asleep (which now would be the fifth time in the row), before picking up the knitting needles or typing away on the laptop.

She is always quiet at first, until I move away from her to make us both more comfortable. Then the crying starts, followed by the kicking. For a three month old, this kid is strong. Alondra kicked me repeatedly in the thigh (I have her lying in bed next to me) to the point where I was sore. She also has an intense grip. She uses my forefinger to pull herself up, though she is still too young to sit up on her own.

The entire day I have spent it by her side, partly because I worry and partly because she won’t allow me to leave or do anything else. My mom came over today after learning that Alondra was in my care for the afternoon and just coddled her like she was a baby doll. She then asked me to visit her on Friday as well as check up on my sister who is having surgery tomorrow morning. Ylaizah tore a tendon or muscle or something in her knee while playing basketball at school a few months ago. It is cute to see she will be an awesome grandma, too bad I won’t be having kids any time soon.

As much as I love babies and children, they just aren’t for me right now. I always feel so exhausted after babysitting and they aren’t even my kids! God forbid how I will handle things when I do have my own. Besides, being a newlywed is a big handful as it is. There are so many things Robert and I have planned and still need to do.

On a completely different note: I am applying to start school in the fall! I am both excited and nervous at the same time. Mainly because I know this will take up a good chunk of my time. I guess I took too long of  a break after high school because I am too used to not having homework already. My biggest problem is whether I should take online classes or actually commute to the college.

I know there are people who prefer one over the other but I am the one who would see both as the best option. Transportation is what is causing this dilemma for me. I know having online classes means I can log in and do what I have to do without worrying about getting to class on time. But actually being in class is a better learning experience for me, since I can ask questions with the teacher/professor/instructor right there.

Except Robert and I share a car. And by share I mean, Robert drives me around everywhere. Reasons being is #1: I don’t have a license, #2: It is more his car than mine. Don’t mock me for not having a license at the age of nineteen, either. There are plenty of people who don’t just yet and I happen to be one of them. And it is more his car than mine because he was the one who wanted the 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse more than I did. He has also made sure to take better care of it that I ever would. I’m just not a car person.

All I know is that starting school again is going to be a nerve wrecking and overly exciting experience, though I know I will be going to school with people I already know from high school. Now I just can’t wait until the semester begins this fall. Cross my fingers and hope to get the classes I want.


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