My husband bought me the complete series of Sailor Moon (Wonder Woman too, but I’ll rave about that another time), and you can all assume my reaction. I was ecstatic. As soon as they arrived I began watching the seasons one after another.

Actually, it got to the point where my husband was on Sailor Scout overload and said I should take a break. I didn’t want to but I did so anyway for his sake.

I am about half way through Sailor Moon R, which I find odd because I don’t recall this season being so long. Then again, I was a kid and my attention span wasn’t the best back then… It still isn’t now.

I was also excited to learn about the manga revamp. Since I was only allowed to buy actual books when we went to the book store, I wasn’t able to purchase any of the manga minus two of the Sailor Moon SuperS.

Turned out it was okay with me because Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon SuperS had the best bad guys. Queen Nephrenia will forever be the best bad ass in Sailor Moon as well as Mistress 9. The ending to both were beautifully done, too. The Amazon Quartet were also a great set of villains. All super cute and talented.

My favorite Scout is all of them… It’s too hard for me to be biased. But if I had to choose which Scout I would be it is Sailor Jupiter or Sailor Moon hands down. I relate well to Jupiter and I enjoy strong female characters. As for Sailor Moon, well why not be her? She’s a good friend every one adores and can depend on.

My least favorite character is Rini. She is too damn selfish for her own good. Or at least she was in Sailor Moon R. My friend agrees with me, which is a big thing because we normally don’t see eye to eye on many things. Of course, our differences lead to great debates and discussions. I can say this though, when Pegasus is introduced she does get slightly better… Only slightly.

Least favorite villain? The Doom Tree. It didn’t make itself known as a villain until the very end when it was dying… And it made Allen and Anne do all the hard work as well then tried to kill everyone for energy on the last episode. There was no reason for the tree and I’m sure many of you agree.

I bought all the recent manga reboot and I just learned that there is talk to do a reboot for the anime too! It was posted by MTV Geek that we could expect to see the new anime for Sailor Moon in summer of 2013. Oh, how next summer can’t come fast enough!


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