Yesterday my grandmother took me to a clothing store and tried to convince me to buy an outfit for my birthday this Thursday on the 9th. Grandma’s idea of “nice clothes” is glitter, sequins, animal print, and/or a thousand and more colors. Obviously we have two very different concepts. I feel that elderly Puerto Rican women have the same taste as Snooki and JWOWW from the Jersey Shore.

This is a 65 year old woman whom I have witnessed wearing leggings with a mariachi design and a neon yellow top with a tiger embroidered onto it with some kind of metallic thingy-recently. It makes me worry.

We spent- at the most I could handle- twenty minutes browsing for close in a store that ALWAYS had a clearance sale but NEVER has anything worth buying. Throughout that time, Grandma attempted to persuade me in getting certain items she thought to be cute without much avail. To be honest, the store didn’t even have nice shoes. And I have a thing for heels. After explain to her that the store didn’t have much to offer (in as nice a way I could possibly word) an elderly woman who passed by was voicing her opinion of how crappy she thought the store was very loudly.

Grandma took that as a hint that I was right and we left. As soon as we were in the car she handed me money and said “Seeing as I have no idea what kind of clothes you want, buy them yourself.” It sounds a little harsh, but keep in mind it’s being translated from Spanish. I smiled and told her I would, but who was I kidding? Me using money to buy new clothes? That’s a laugh.

So after using some of it to pay for gas for my car and food for lunch at work today, I bought books. That’s right. I used my birthday monies for books. Big surprise there, I think not. I told my husband we could just use it all for gas or to go out or anything, but I’m sure he expected as much from me to spend it on books. Why not spend it on what I love the most, you know?

I purchased Fairest of All by Serena Valentino and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and art by Camille Rose Garcia. I also have the Snow White edition with Camille Rose Garcia’s art. Yep, I bought a couple of fairy-tales and classics. I saw Fairest of All while I was at work and started reading the first chapter on my own. I had been watching that new ABC show Once Upon A Time which is pretty addictive and I really enjoyed the retelling of the story of Snow White’s step-mother.

The two with Camille Rose Garcia’s work in it, I have no idea how I came upon them. One was recently released in our store (Snow White) but it was the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that had gotten me interested in her. It’s the oddity of the work and the color which attract me to know end. Her website holds more work and projects that I hope to own soon.


I was planning on getting a Jonathan Adler bag to keep all my knitting, but I decided to hold off for now. It was pink, but I was hoping for a purple one. I’m being picky, I know, but if all else fails I can always knit myself one!

I have enough money left to still get some nice clothes, preferably a dress. I would at least want my grandma to know that I did listen to her (in some sense) and got some clothes, even if it is going to be one thing. I’m sure Robert would love to take me shopping tomorrow, especially since the place I have in mind will have a GameStop nearby.This way we are all happy.


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