Alrighty, so if you haven’t noticed by now, Augustyne and I happen to go to the same school. Amazing, right? To great minds in one building at the same time. How does this school cope? Sadly, she is two years my senior (Grade wise, not age wise. She’s actually only five days older than me. Interesting fact, huh?)  and will be graduating a lot sooner than I. Until then, though, teachers continue to pile on assignments and projects for us to do, some that we have no problem helping each other with.

The video above is a five minute preview of Augustyne’s documentary called The Psychology Behind: Artistic Expression. It is a work in progress, so don’t judge it just yet. I don’t advertise nor am I paid to say nice things about people and/or their product. I wanted to share this with everyone mainly because of my love for art and because Augustyne and I are good friends. The people interviewed are also good friends of ours and their opinions come straight from the heart. I am not featured in this documentary, but Augustyne and I do have plans to do a vlog in the near future so if you are interested, definitely keep an eye out.

Augustyne is looking for artists of all ages, whether you are in an art programs, used to be, or even if you never have been you qualify. This documentary requires your personal opinion on art. If you are truly interested and want to be heard or are curious as to what else entails, follow this link here where all answers will be available and probably make better sense.

The process is easy and if you feel uncomfortable having your face in the video or having your name mentioned, Augustyne will gladly make you anonymous. Please be sure to follow, comment, subscribe to her blog as well as her YouTube channel. She is as fun as I am, that I can promise.

If you wish to subscribe to my Youtube channel, you can find me at Naley Gonzalez. Please be understanding that I have horribly neglected this YouTube account for about a year (possibly even longer), so don’t expect anything fancy for the time being. I still have plenty of updates that need to be done like a profile layout, a profile picture, a bio, maybe uploads some videos and, you know, a whole butt-load of nonsense.

Oh, and today is Google’s 14th Birthday. Isn’t that grand?  Happy Birthday, Google! Thank you for you 14 years of giving us all the answers!


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