It’s rare to have natural disasters on the east coast so when we heard there was a hurricane coming a lot of us either panicked or were skeptical. Connecticut is a pretty tiny state so we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. It was exactly a year ago around this time that Hurricane Irene hit and everyone thought they wouldn’t be effected.

Turns out  they were wrong. Hundreds or more people were left without power for a week or more, meaning: food spoiled in their fridges and they had no way to keep themselves warm. Schools and places with power were turned into places of refuge. I am happy to say that it wasn’t so bad this year.

Sadly, New York and New Jersey can’t say the same. It’s understandable to be carefree after the incident but there are still people who were actually effected by this storm.The following morning after Sandy hit there were plenty of gag photos about how ridiculous people had reacted toward the whole ordeal. There are people throughout the East Coast and Caribbean who have been been left without homes and the best the rest of us can do is laugh about it because we still have power and warm bed to sleep in at night.

I would hope the rest of you have some compassion and see what you can do to help the people of New York and New Jersey. Seventy two people in the U.S. were killed due to this storm and though we are grateful the numbers were low for us, they were still lives lost due to flooding, loss of power, homes collapsing, gas fires and more freak accidents that occurred during the storm.

If you are interested in helping and would like to donate to help Sandy’s victims, please head over to the American Red Cross and be someone’s hero. You have my thanks and the thanks of so many other people. I am glad that my family and I were not effected, but I would be truly happy to know that those who are still suffering from the aftermath are given proper aid. Even if it is $100 or $5, I’m sure it would be appreciated more than anything and still impact lives.


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