The month of December had been, for a lack of better words, insane. Working in retail is no fun, more specifically around the holidays. It is partly why I haven’t blogged the entire month. On December 14th, 2012, I woke up late with only twenty minutes to make it to work. It wasn’t drastic but I phoned anyway and told them I would be roughly ten minutes late. Ten minutes turned into twenty as soon as I left my home. Robert had to constantly pull over as cop cars sped passed us from all locations, zipping to whatever emergency there was. I questioned what could possibly be going on to warrant so many officers but since I needed to get to work, it I didn’t let it phase me much. When I finally made it to work, I continued on with my day, and helped holiday shoppers find gifts for their friends and family.

It had been a crazy morning and the store had been so crowded with people that the employees could barely walk from one end of the store to the other without colliding into someone. Then, exactly at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, the store was empty. Only a few customers here and there, but beside that the store had emptied out in a matter of seconds. Most of us thought it a blessing, a moment of peace before it was crazy again and we were back to helping customers. If only we had been right about that.

One of my co-workers who happened to be browsing on her phone during her break, told us immediately what had happened. There had been a school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, in Newtown, CT. Hearing about the school shooting hadn’t taken us by surprise simply because it happened. Over the years we had heard plenty about school shootings, but this one hit closer to home. A lot closer. With the shooting happening in the same state we lived in, only a few towns away, the entire thing became very real.

Except what cut us the deepest were the innocent children who had been targeted in the tragedy. Every other incident before this were teenagers or adults that had at least gotten to experience life to some extent. Yes, those people still had long lives before them before being ripped from this world without just cause, but these children were only getting started.

Upon hearing the tragedy, we refused to believe someone could be so much of a monster to cause harm to children. When the news of how many deaths came to light, our hearts dropped. Twenty eight victims, most of them being children and one the mother of the twisted mind to do it all. I’m writing about it now because I didn’t know what to say nearly a month ago when it happened. I couldn’t process the amount of sorrow I felt for these families who had been planning wonderful Christmases for the children and would now be making funeral arraignments. I couldn’t find a way to write how I felt about the situation without sounding selfish.

So many people are seeing beyond the actual issue at hand. A young man, no older than I am now, murdered his mother and instead of stopping there he chose to drive to an elementary school and shoot at unsuspecting children and adults. People are blaming gun control, bad parenting, divorce, and so many other issues that they seem to have lost sight of the kids and faculty who were lost in the midst of it all.

Pointing fingers will do and has done nothing productive. So many factors played into this, so many things that we don’t know about yet we feel entitled to say we do.

I wasn’t able to blog because my life became so busy with other things. This event, left me speechless in more ways that I could ever think of. Parents lost their babies, because one person was angry with his mother. Each and every one of us take our lives for granted, we assume we have a lifetime to do things, and that actually may be right. The problem is that no one realizes how short a lifetime actually is.

Today is the eighth day into the new year. Some or all of you have made your new year’s resolutions, whether it be to lose weight or be a better person. I pray that all of you will try for a better world and live your life to the fullest. Parents: appreciate the time you have with your children and let them know you love them, regardless of how old they are. Kids: don’t be afraid to show your parents that you love them because you never know when someone or something might take them from you forever.

Every day that passes gives us another opportunity to do something great. Never forget: We can’t always promise tomorrow.


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