It’s October 20th already?! Man, they don’t joke about time flying faster than a witch on her broom. I’d like to say I will post more and how guilty I feel for not doing so already (which I really do and should), but what do I care? I’m halfway through the school semester (well, sorta half way) and Halloween and NaNoWriMo are just around the corner!

Isn’t it exciting?! I’ve taken up American Sign Langauge (ASL), Creative Writing (’cause, duh…) Drawing, and Psychology. So far I’m doing exceptionally well in all my classes and I’m enjoying (stressing over) all of them!

That was the start of a draft for a post during mid-October I obviously never got around to finishing or publishing… Fall semester went by extremely well, if you’re curious to know, and now I am well into Spring semester. This time I’m taking Grammar & Syntax, Sign Language (ASL) II, ALEKS (Math), and Intro to Philosophy and as good as they are, I can’t wait for them to be over. Mostly because I can’t wait for Summer.

This winter has been pretty harsh and is dragging on longer than necessary. The sun would be lovely right now and moving back to California has never looked more appealing. That, of course, and how Robert and I will be so much closer to welcoming home our newborn baby!

Oh, yeah, you definitely read that right. I’m 23 weeks pregnant! My gorgeous husband and I are expecting a beautiful mini-us and we are ecstatic! Funny enough, we found out in October. Halloween day to be exact. I had just survived midterms and we were getting ready for a party just before we received the news. Our little one is estimated to be welcomed into the world on July 1st, so Summer needs to hurry the hell up!

I have been blessed to not have morning sickness and experience a smooth pregnancy so far. As for cravings, I can’t say I I’ve wanted anything out of the ordinary. My appetite has definitely increased and nothing is satisfying, but I’m positive that’s more because I am carrying my soul mate’s child. (If you’ve been witness to my husband’s eating habits, you will understand.) Every morning, when I wake up, I feel like I’ve gotten rounder. I was never skinny before becoming pregnant, but without a doubt, I am starting to show.

I’ve felt plenty of kicks and I’ve had some heartburn to know our baby may have a future in martial arts or kickboxing and a lot of hair. If the old wives tales hold true.

I’m sure you’re wondering: So, are you having a boy or a girl?! Well, that’s a surprise! And one that is driving all of our friends and family up the wall. I’m sure you can imagine the fun my husband and I are having with our little secret. We have to admit, there have been some creative ways to get the gender out of us, but so far everyone has to wait until May 9th (our baby shower) to learn which we are having. How purely evil, right?

We’ve already picked a name for both genders, which was pretty difficult… Well, one was more difficult than the other. As a parent and/or writer, you probably know what I mean by this. Maybe more so if you’re a parent. Picking a name for a character feels much easier because you know who the character is and will become.

How do you do the same for a baby?

I read somewhere that the name you bestow on your child is the first gift you give them when they come into this world. So what is the right one?ย How can you know who they will become? Will they be happy with their name? Is it too common? Too complex or unique? Will the name you decide expect too much from them? Too little?

Obviously, it wasn’t an easy process. But we found two perfect names for a girl and a boy. There were a few we couldn’t agree on, but I guess that happens when you read and write so much. Of course, deciding on a name is one of so many things we have to look forward to with our new baby.

As for the writing part, I do plan to post more often. I did go some time without blogging and I am still as guilty as before for not doing so. More so because I love to write. With that stated, I have begun to post My Mother’s Secret on Wattpad. (I’m sure many of you are familiar with both the site and app.)

I know. She’s still working on that thing? Well, yes. I am. And I don’t plan to give up. I have begun rewriting the chapters and posting them to Wattpad as I go. So if you just so happen to read My Mother’s Secret, please feel free to leave a review. Good or bad, I want to know. I can’t keep growing as a writer if I don’t keep pushing myself and learn from my mistakes. So go on, have a read and tell me what you think.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have homework to get done, dinner to start, a chapter to rewrite, and some ice cream to eat.


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