Today is my first day as an intern for a non-profit organization and I have to admit, it has gone extremely well!

I learned of the organization through my school’s Work Study program (which was how they contacted me). We began the difficult process of scheduling an interview, rescheduling said interview twice because of freak snow storms that closed most of the state, waiting for financial aid to send the proper paperwork for hiring, then waiting on the “Okay” from financial aid to start working. It was so much fun.

This took about good month or so before I could finally begin today. In my opinion, it was fairly worth the wait. Everyone was kind, helpful, and patient and I did some “hands-on” work besides simply shadowing the receptionist and seeing how she does things.

I always consider it great progress and success when I can do what my job asks of me on the first day as opposed to waiting until I am “ready”, whatever that means.

Overall, I do, and will continue to, enjoy working with this non-profit. I can do homework, read, and/or write whenever there is downtime. There is also free coffee and (occasionally) doughnuts for staff members and that is pretty neat. I mean, aren’t perks at work what life is all about? This is only day one, of course. Let’s see how I am feeling once the semester is over. Fingers, eyes, and toes crossed that it will keep being awesome.

Some sweet and slightly unrelated news, once I arrived home today, I saw I received a letter from my school. I almost chucked it in the trash, but I’m happy I didn’t. Upon opening it, I learned I am on the Dean’s List! It’s absolutely wonderful because I definitely worked my butt off last semester to get on that list and it paid off. I’m such a boss. And Spring Break has begun. This really can’t get any better.

Dean's List Letter for Fall Semester 2014
It’s MRS. Gonzalez. And I’ve Mentioned It Before, But I’m Such A #BOSS

Moving on, my husband and I had an ultrasound yesterday because, during our visit last month, our little Baby decided to flip face-down and spine up, making it difficult for the nurse and doctor to get a good photo of the heart. And can you take a wild guess what happened this time? Baby was face-down and refused to budge. Again.

Even after the nurse “jiggled” baby around for a good while and I flipped from one side to another. All of this with a full bladder, mind you. Not a thing worked. Meaning we’ve got one lazy kid on the way. Well, not too lazy since Baby was kicking back for every nudge we gave. My mom says it’s karma in the works.

The doctor has reassured us that Baby is still growing well and the heart is healthy, but they can’t get a clear photo until Baby decides to roll over. Which is why we have another appointment scheduled for when I’m 32 weeks.

I almost scheduled it for the day before our baby shower, which my husband saved me from the possible wrath my mother would have inflicted upon me when he realized the date. Thank you, My Love!

We were able to set up an appointment for the week after the baby shower, but my husband and I realized we may have a small, itty bitty dilemma on our hands. At our last ultrasound in February, we were able to learn the baby’s gender. Since it’s been a month, we asked them time to verify and make sure. (My mom had been told my sister was going to be a boy, so there’s that to consider…)

Only they weren’t able to because Baby Gonzalez had their little legs crossed. Did I forget to mention how obviously difficult this kid is going to be, as well? Maybe I should just consider it good manners, instead. Anyway, we’re a little nervous that the gender we reveal at the baby shower may possibly be wrong.

We suppose, since we’ve asked everyone who brings a gift for it to be gender neutral, it’s literally no big deal. We just hope anyone who purchases a gift after the gender reveal makes sure they get a gift receipt.

Last, I want to mention that My Mother’s Secret has been updated on Wattpad! Read it, if you’d like, and if you do, please leave a heart/vote/review/comment regardless if it be positive or negative. If you think I’m joking, I’m totally not.

Welp, I’m off to use my Spring Break effectively. Happy Readings/ Writings/Livings, World.


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