No, I’m not dead. Forgive the spurt of posts then my sudden disappearance.

School got the best of me, my philosophy class mainly, and my brain could only handle so much at once. This month felt like absolute mayhem.

With classes coming to a close, I had essays, tests, and finals, piling one on top of the other along with our baby shower and us preparing for our move this summer. It’s all been pretty stressful and tiring. Regardless, I am back and fairly well rested. And we’re now 34 weeks pregnant!

We’re down to the last handful of weeks and the excitement and nervousness is unbelievable! If you don’t know by now, I’m sure you’re wondering if we are having a girl or boy. I mean, our baby shower has finally passed. It was absolutely wonderful. Overwhelming, but wonderful.

It was a beautiful day and my mom did a fantastic job with planning, decorating, and more. It was great for Robert and me to see all the people who matter to us join us in celebrating our baby.

Our gender reveal didn’t go according to plan, but isn’t that life? The idea was to put balloons the color of the baby’s gender in a box decorated as a cargo crate. Our mistake was that we left  said box on a table in the sun, which in turn deflated the balloons.

So, when we opened the box, the balloons did not rise like they were suppose to. Though the word disappointing can be used here, it was so far from it. The anticipation drove everyone crazy that we were being told to just take them out, so we both grabbed a balloon and pulled them up to show off to everyone.

But enough, gushing. More than likely, you just want to know already.

The love of my life and I are happy and proud to announce we are having…

A baby boy!

Exciting, isn’t it?!

Now you can let go of that breath you’ve been holding since February and Robert and I can stop worrying about slipping up and people figuring out the gender before hand. Though, we think some people had a good guess anyway.

Our son is expected to be joining us around July 1st and we just can’t will it to come fast enough. There was a sudden burst of newborns this week and it is definitely driving us crazy. Or maybe we’re so impatient that we’re more keen to zone in on all the newborn babies. All we know is everyone is having their babies and finally being able to bring them home while our son is still cooking.

Luckily, our ultrasound last week showed our son is healthy and growing well with plenty of movement. His full head of hair also explains the massive heartburn I have been experiencing since early in the second trimester.

On top of what feels like an endless waiting game for our son, we have been preparing to move… which also happens to fall on July 1st. I bet you can now imagine the stress we have been feeling. We know our baby won’t be making an appearance exactly on the date we were given, but it doesn’t help that he may come whenever during that time.

May is now ending and we’re packing up some of our belongings now to make the move as easy as possible. We can only hope for no surprises in the process.

I can definitely say I am grateful the semester is finally over. Now I can focus solely on baby, moving, and, of course, writing.

Besides posting, another thing I put on hold was writing. And it was not an easy task. I applaud the writers who “make time” because it felt nearly impossible for me to do so. My brain was about to burst with all the ideas running rampant all while writing essays for philosophy, learning a language and the dynamics of it, and taking on my biggest enemy: math.

But, I am persistent and though I did not make time to sit down and write, I made sure to stay inspired to do so.

I was given a gift by a close family friend, Jenny. I can’t recall if it was for my birthday or Christmas prior to last year, but it is the best gift any person can receive: a book, titled A Cup of Comfort for Writers. She’s also a writer so she obviously gets me.

If you haven’t read it, I definitely recommend you do. It isn’t a “how to” book, mind you. It is exactly as the title says, a cup of comfort. It consist different authors, male and female, and their positive and negative experiences with writing.

It sat on my bookshelf for a while before I picked it up a few month or so ago and skimmed through it, finally getting an idea of what the book was about. Upon realizing, I decided that it would be a great way to stay motivated.

Even if I can’t make the time to jot down an idea, I make time to read one passage a day. It keeps my mind on the desire to write present at all times. I find myself relating to each author in more ways than expected and sometimes not wanting to relate to them in certain areas. Regardless, it reminds me to never give up and helps me learn to overcome writer’s block in the best ways.

So, Jenny, if I never said it before when you first gave me this fantastic gift: Thank you. You have truly aided me in my never-ending journey of writing.

I have decided to remove My Mother’s Secret from Wattpad. Nothing personal, I just felt the site was aimed more towards fanfiction writings than it was fiction and my story does not fall into that category. I will keep my account and continue to read the work posted on there because I started off in fanfiction and hold a deep love for it. Hell, I may even post fanfiction myself, but my original work will no longer be on there.

With all that shared, I’m off to write because there is nothing stopping me now beside myself.


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