It goes without saying that I can go a while without posting. At least, now I can say I’ve broken my record by a year! Not something I should be proud of? Yeah, point taken. But, give me a break. I had a baby. That’s a serious life changing event. We celebrated our son’s first birthday. We moved three times. See, more life changes! And they sure keep coming.

My last post was an update for JuNoWriMo 2015. I did put a cute little dent in my word count, but I did not get to reach my goal of 50,000 words. Or reach the 30 days. Mainly because, as I mentioned before, I had my handsome baby boy. If you ask me, it’s a damn good trade.

As you read, my first week of JuNoWriMo went great and I was knocking out my daily writing goals like it was nobody’s business. The second week, though, my progress slowed dramatically. In hindsight, I now realize I had been nesting. You know, that thing pregnant women do to make their home ready for when baby comes. Over-excessive cleaning is what I think it’s called. I assumed I was in the Second Week Slump a lot of us hit when doing WriMos, but now I know better, since my word count barely budged and then I went into labor. That was an interesting and fun (not really) experience, but definitely a story for another time.

Anyway, this past year has been beyond amazing. Our baby learned to sit up, crawl, stand, and walk. And, now, he’s running. He says a few words (“Mama” is still not one of them. It’s cool, though. It’s not like I’m with him all day or anything.), but he’s an intense babbler. What exactly he’s saying is beyond me, it he sure is saying it. Do I want it all to slow down? Of course. But, being his mom and able to witness him experience the world in his own way is more than worth it. I sound all gushy, but I should be over it in time. Or maybe not. Believe it or not, I’m a serious sap when it comes to him. Judge me as you will, but he’s a great kid and I love him oodles.

In more great news, we recently got back from beautiful and sunny California. My husband and I planned a surprise visit to see his family and for our babe to meet his other grandma, auntie, and cousins for the first time. My mom and sister joined us and we got to enjoy the entire trip as a family. The surprise went extremely well, better than we hoped really. It was nice to see my husband’s mom and sister and it was just as great to watch our son play and spend time with his cousins.

Our family had such a great time and we explored as much as we possibly could during our week there. And shamelessly ate as much as we could, too. Seriously, there’s no In-N-Out or Del Taco here. We took pure advantage and left with no regrets. Well, I sort of wish I’d stopped at Del Taco one more time, but I know it isn’t our last visit.

Back to the whole thing about WriMos, though. NaNoWriMo is coming up! Seriously, like, a month and a half away! And I’m so unprepared! Well, not really. Okay, sort of. I have an outline, my personal writing area, pens, pencils, copious notebooks, and all I could need to write. All but my brain, that is. I’ve only made time to write here and there over the last year because writing with an infant is hard. I feel like I’m understating this, but it is no walk in the park. This is including, of course, breastfeeding and diaper changes and skin to skin and play time. By the time our cutie was about 6 months, I managed to get him a decent schedule. Which really means I was able to write during nap time for roughly a week before life knocked us off course. Now, I have a month and a half to get back on track with my son’s schedule and writing. Can I feel the anticipation rising or what? Or is it anxiety?

Since I have to work around a schedule that won’t result in my keyboard being smashed into a million pieces (mainly by baby, I swear), I plan to have a smaller word count goal for the thirty days. If I’m lucky, I may convince my nugget that two naps are good for him and end up with another bonus writing session. As of this moment, my total word count goal is 20k words. I plan to aim for 500 words a session while secretly hoping my child doesn’t wake before hand. Sounds like a good, solid plan and prep for this upcoming WriMo, right? I hope so. It’s really just based on the demands and needs of a one year old child. As they say: The joys of motherhood.

If you’re getting ready to participate in NaNoWriMo or have done so in the past, what are/were your strategies? If you’re a seasoned mommy and have some tips or ideas on how to keep the little one safe and busy while working on other projects, please, share away! I’d love to read your suggestions and put them to good use. Until then, wish me luck!


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