Grief is a word that weighs heavy on the hearts, yet it is the only word befitting to describe loss. When we lose someone we are full of a deep emotion at not being able to have them in our lives daily. Grief embodies the sentiment and heaviness of not having a loved one physically […]

via There is pain in saying goodbye… — EVERYTHING I’VE WANTED TO BE !

Above is a post written by beloved family friend, who is so many wonderful things, it’s impossible to list them all. I don’t get to see her often, but I have always felt her support from afar with my ventures in writing. Recently, she created her own blog as a place to put all her writings. Lately, I’ve been keeping all her posts to myself, but this post on grief rings close to home– from past losses to a recent one.

If you haven’t clicked the link above, get to it! Once you finish, give a follow, read some more post, and share for someone who may need words of solace in their life. I’m sure you and they will appreciate reading this as much as I did.


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