Similar to all humans there are many things that I struggle with. There’s little doubt they’re the same things you struggle with daily. To execute my goals this year and establish better habits for the rest of my (and my family’s) life, I set a specific time to be asleep and awake by. This way, I can get up and make breakfast for myself and my babes before we have to start our tasks for the day. Two weeks in and I can say it’s been fairly successful. Minus the absolute misery I go through just to get out of bed every morning.

Once the alarm goes off, I hit that snooze button like it’s done something to me. I spend a good half hour to forty minutes doing this since it set to ten minute intervals before going off again. It drives my husband crazy. Sometimes, he’ll try to reach around me to just shut it off completely and I end up wrestling him for the alarm while half-asleep. Why? Because I know if I don’t have it harassing me, I’ll sleep the morning away and set my whole day back.

And I’m getting plenty of sleep. I just seem to want and need more than the normal human being. Seriously, we all know that one person who can sleep their life away and I’m it. More often then not, when I’m waking up at nine or ten in the morning, I feel like a total bum.

This new routine is helping (somewhat), but I can’t help but to think back to when I was in elementary school and I’d be up at five A.M. every morning without hesitation. Of course, Sailor Moon was on at five-thirty A.M., so there was a major motivator behind it all. Now I own the entire series on DVD, so yeah… Maybe it’s time to get into a new magical girl anime? Until then, it looks like my poor husband will have to suffer the screeches of our alarm along with me.

It isn’t too bad, of course. Seeing as we’re only a couple weeks into 2017, this is still an adjustment. Interestingly enough, our eating habits are getting better. We vowed to cut dining out from our lives as greatly as possible and so far we have only gone once since the new year. That’s a HUGE cut back, since we had been eating out literally every day last year. I’m cooking more often again, which is awesome, and everything we consume is benefiting us. This doesn’t mean that it’s easy, though.

Changing what we intake is like going from automatic to manual. Before, we just ate what was easily prepared without thinking about what harmful shit was in it. Now, we plan the meals we’re going to have in advance and sometimes we have no idea what to make or eat. A few months after our son was born, everything went into autopilot of us just copping the easy way out and getting fast food. Now, we’re grabbing life by the balls and making it do what we want it to. No matter how much of a fight it’s going to be.

Amazingly, we’ve gone to the gym every day since week (minus the weekend since there’s no kid’s club, but whatevs). And it’s been great. What’s even better is that I’ve been writing everyday for two weeks straight! I’ve had ideas for few different novels, but spent a lot of time focused on just one. I finally figured out a plan to work on all of them at once without getting burnt out and I’m so pumped about the MAJOR progress I’m making with all of them.

If my plan works accordingly and I manage to successfully complete at least one (or all!), I will gladly share my secrets to all. Until then, hold tight. This is still in it’s testing phase. I’m still trying to squeeze in a consistent time to dedicate writing to every day. Another common struggle is keeping an eye on my oh so curious toddler while I work. Usually, my husband is always a welcomed helping hand.

But, do you want to know my deepest, darkest struggle? Dramione fanfiction. I’mΒ not kidding. Some people binge watch tv series (as I occasionally do, too), but I am a hardcore binge reader of fanfics. If you have no idea what Dramione is, then I’ll explain. Similar to a celebrity couple name, Dramione is a combination of Draco and Hermione. That’s right, the ones from Harry Potter. As I’ve said before, I won’t go into full detail since it deserves a post dedicated to all it’s glory, but I will go as far to call it an obsession. About as intense as the one I have with Sailor Moon. I’ve even dedicated a board on Pinterest to them. (If you have the courage, follow me!)

A few weeks can go by without me scouring the internet for a new story to read, but when I get a notification from, everything I’ve had planned for the day goes to hell. No chores will get done. My husband and son will barely get my attention. When I have to make food for my babes, it’s while I’m glued to my phone or tablet. Luckily, nothing dangerous has occurred. Yet.

It’s a difficult addiction to break. I can go all night reading chapter after chapter, even finish a completed fanfic in a couple hours. I remember sharing this obsession once, in full wonder, and I was received with worry for my sanity. Don’t worry. It’s still there. For the most part.

In case you’re curious, my favorite fanfic author is RZZMG. Read some of her Dramione and Scorose (Scorpius and Rose) work and you’ll see why. There are a lot of people who take joy out of bashing fanfiction and their creators, but it’s where I started and it’s where my heart will always go back to. Before I even knew what fanfiction was, I’d already been creating stories with my favorite anime characters. Who knows? I may one day pick it up again just for fun.

Anyway, I can go deeper into my life struggles, but there’s no need to get all philosophical and/or psychological on anyone. Over think it too much and it will weigh you down. Overall, the year is still young and replacing bad habits with good ones takes time, hard work, effort, and commitment. So, nothing too serious.

Whatever you struggle with, I hope it will be easier to overcome as the year progresses! It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.


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