There are three things that help keep me balanced: having a routine, talking with my husband, and being mindful of the present. Communication is key to any and every relationship. Without it, everything’s bound to crash and burn. If the relationship/friendship falls apart even though there was an open line of communication, then there was a deeper problem going on. But, that’s not where I’m going with this.

Normally, to maintain my routine, I write down my day-to-day tasks in a weekly planner. It keeps my head on the right plot while I’m busy taking care of all the necessities around our home. It’s comforting to know I’m doing double the productivity of getting household tasks complete while my mind is processing novel ideas.

We all have a lot going on in our day-to-day lives and it’s always a good thing to unwind and speak with someone you know. Even if it’s to vent or for moral support. I’m someone who puts a lot on their shoulders at once and I usually forget that I can rely on my husband to help me out when I’m at my limit. Luckily, he’s learned not to wait around for me to ask. Mostly because I become this grouchy life form no one wants to cross, but I digress…

We do our best to take time every day, sometimes during meals, to talk about what went on in our day and what needs to be done for the current moment or later. We plan and organize and divide tasks to the best of our abilities to make sure everything goes smoothly, for ourselves and each other.

And then, there’s the times we just talk about…nothing. We joke around, play with our son, and just enjoy the moment. We’ll call our moms or talk to our sisters. It’s something people often forget to do every day and regret not doing so more. We take time to be in each other’s company because we don’t know what direction the next day, hours, or minutes might take. Taking time to live in the moment allows you to evaluate and realize how great you, your life, and everyone/thing is in it. Your mind opens up to rid of the bad and enhance the good. You might even realize you have the perfection you need right in front of you.

Some people meditate or do yoga, we have our little family. Whenever you find yourself falling, do your best to find what centers you and return to it as often as you need. It will most likely help elevate you to where you want to be in life. It’ll even show you you’re already where you need to be.


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