Every day is another opportunity to achieve my personal goals. Last night, my husband and I discussed motivation and how to work through slumps when you’re lacking it. While we both agreed it’s your drive to reach the end goal, even when your dead tired and just want to hide in bed all day, I also  believe it’s the little things that people often forget are the most important. While my daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and life goals excite me, it’s the everyday stuff that fills me with joy.

With every post, I will always mention my family in one way or another because they will forever be special to me. They’re my biggest inspiration and eternal motivators. Especially when I want to be the laziest bum on the planet. My loved ones’s life stories and goals inspire me and  I want to help them achieve theirs as much as I want to achieve my own. Each interaction with them is a daily reminder of why I’m going after what I want. Talking with my mom and sister, playing with my son, lounging with my husband. These are all moments that make the struggle worth fighting. Like any daughter, sister, wife, and mother, I want to provide the absolute best life for my family and myself. This is why I value all my time with them as I pursue my dreams.

Another joy will always be writing. It took me a long time to realize that it’s my passion, but it’s a skill and talent I’ve worked hard at and developed since. It’s far from perfect, but I refuse to give up on it. I’d see myself a fraud if I ever let writing go for some easy or simpler career. Creating personable characters and enchanting worlds is hard work, especially if you want to be convincing, but to see it come together so beautifully really proves you have a magic in you like no other. I may not write a hundred thousand words in one day every time I sit down to work, but having written anything at all that day means so much. It lets me know that I can do this no matter what.

Surprisingly, exercise is anything thing I get joy from. Obviously not in the moment when I’m pushing myself to the limit and wishing I’d never started to begin with. It’s the after that cements how much I truly love and look forward to my next workout. It’s like I’m radiating energy, feeling refreshed and powerful enough to take on anything. It’s the satisfaction of taking care of myself properly. It makes me feel and even believe that, if nothing else, I’m doing something right.

Many go through life believing they don’t have enough. Unlike most, I know I have plenty. They’re who and what I keep in mind when I push myself forward. I once read somewhere that “flower doesn’t think of competing to the flower next it. It just blooms.” Which is exactly how I strive to live and love my life. It’s not a bad way, if you ask me.


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