This past week was up in the air for me as I started a new work out routine and put writing on the back burner. Not on purpose, it just kind of happened as every day progressed. I put a lot of focus into my eating habits and making sure I was doing all else right, with the thought of “I’ll sit down to work on my novel once I finish here” or “I’ll get back to reading once the dishes are done and baby’s down for his nap.” Sadly, I didn’t follow through with any of the promises to write this week. It’s not the end of the world, of course.

Today starts a new week to commit and with my new fitness schedule, everything will fall right back into place again. Since it’s also my designated rest day, I plan to do just that while I organize my thoughts and catch up with what I can at a comfortable pace. I may have fallen off track with my writing goals, but it only takes just a moment to recollect and push forward. Stressing about the missed day won’t bring them back, but I can always make up for it today and every day to come.

Remember: The only time you only fail is when you give up.


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