Surprisingly, today marks 5 years since I first started this blog! If you’ve been following me since the beginning, you can plainly see this is the first year I’ve truly committed to posting and sharing often. I’m thrilled to have gotten this far with it, more so because I’d been planning to scrap the whole thing altogether. It proves that pushing forward will get you far.

Usually I’m one to throw parties for any occasion, mainly to have an excuse for cake, but seeing as this is ridiculously last minute for me, here’s a pic of my favorite treat! (If you can’t figure it out, they’re macaroons.)

Not as satisfying as they are in reality, trust me, I know. But! Come the 10 year anniversary, I’ll try to plan something I a little more physical. Watch out for more (and more) posts as the year(s) go on. Thanks for being a long for the ride!


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