Ever since I saw this novel sitting on the shelf a few years back as a new release, I’ve been itching to read it. This past holiday season, I was able to pick it and its companions up. They sat on my shelf for a little bit until I decided to read it with intentions of reviewing it. Normally, I wait to finish the book to review, but I’ve been struggling to get even half way through this one.

There’s nothing I enjoy reading about more than science fiction/fantasy and astrology. That fact that Romina Russel is writing a series based on both was such a win to me. But… I can’t say I’m impressed. First and foremost: I DON’T hate this book. I’m just not feeling it… so far. It’s taken me roughly two to three weeks to get almost halfway through and I can’t kid myself by pretending I’m sucking up every detail of this. It is highly likely I will post another review for ZodiacΒ once I finish and, fingers crossed, my thoughts will have changed. Until then, I won’t even rate it on Goodreads.

Rhoma Grace is a 16 year old Academy student from the house of Cancer. With a unique way of predicting events when she reads the stars. When a violent blast hits one of Cancer’s moons and causes her home planet to go haywire, killing thousands, including Cancer’s House Guardian. Shockingly, Rho is appointed House Cancer’s new leader. As the catastrophes continue to strike other zodiac Houses one after the other, Rho suspects the exiled 13th zodiac, Ochus, has returned with plans of revenge against the other Houses. Along with two young men, Hysan Dax and Mathias Thais, Rho must travel the galaxy to warn the other Guardians.

Sounding off with the cons first, as I always do, I find this novel very slow paced for having something happen every chapter. While I love a courageous and confident character, Rho is kind of there and kind of isn’t. She spends all her time self-doubting that as a reader, you think you know what she’s going to do next, but she does the complete opposite than what she says. One moment, Rho is reasoning with herself that every one will assume she’s unfit for her position as Guardian if she mentions the possible return of Ochus, then she doesn’t even hesitate to say share her theory. She comes off as an unreliable narrator which only results in an annoying read than a suspenseful one.

Another thing that irks me is how the love interest is introduced in the first chapter. Mathias, also from House Cancer, doesn’t make his feelings clear, but it’s obvious he feels something for Rho, the same way she does for him. Following this is an immediate interest in Hysan Dax, a representative from House Libra. He’s a witty flirt and Rho doesn’t hesitate to show she’s got some sort of feelings toward him, as confused as she is about them. It goes without saying there’s already an unsaid love triangle between the three of them, a cliche I’d have figured was done and over with by now. It’s still early in the novel so, hopefully, when I finish I will feel differently.

Jumping onto the pros, I do enjoy the use of the zodiac. I can’t get over how Russell has created a work of fiction on based on the western zodiac. All the houses are mentioned and some are interacted with (so far), each having their own quirks and contribute to working in harmony throughout the Galaxy. They all offer relief after disaster strikes Cancer and assist Guardian Rho on her mission, despite their hesitance of existence of the mythical 13th House. I find the lore of how the zodiac came to physical beings, their characteristics, and what they have to offer for themselves and the other Houses. It’s mainly why I refuse to give up on this book.

Assuming I haven’t scared you off with my general vibes towards Zodiac, feel free to give it a try. If you’d rather wait until I finally finish this thing and do a follow up review, that’s totally cool. I’m not going to write this novel off as a bad or boring book unless it really is all the way through. As they say: don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Though, the cover for this is awesome. Oh, and, in case you’re curious, I’m a Leo.

Are you obsessed with the astrology and the zodiac, too? Share the most favorite tendency of your or your favorite person’s zodiac!


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