People are complimented so often, we become desensitized to what exactly they’re complimenting us on. A stranger could tell me I have lovely hair or a nice smile or that they found a short story I’d written done extremely well. If I hear it enough, I know a part of my brain will turn it off and I’ll forget about how much people enjoy the little things about my existence. As so many others do to themselves. It sucks how we can’t always do the same when it come to mean criticism. (J.K. Rowling, teach me your ways!)

A compliment I receive often, and don’t think I can ever forget, is when I’m told how kind or smart or attentive my son is. It lets me know my husband and I are going in the right direction with him. It makes my heart and soul flutter because it reminds me that cruelty and evil are taught, not born. Anyone can and will argue it until they’re blue in the face, but we can’t deny how dire our social situation is. We’re brainwashed to be selfish and greedy and to mock those who are trying to better the world for everyone.

When I see children, not just my own, being kind and sharing and helping one another– regardless of color, age, and sex– it gives me hope that the generation to come will do great things. Things we’re only dreaming of. And thankfully, the older generation’s hate will only die out with them as the remnants of it will die out with our generation.

But, until then, my husband and I plan to continue teaching our son (and any future children) the wonder that if life when you help grow it to its full potential. Please do the same with your own babies because, one day, my son may meet your child and I’d love to see the same innate kindness bloom in our grandchildren in all its glory.

Thank you.


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