This weeks Literacy Lunacy will be short and sweet, I promise. A couple weeks ago, I did a review for Russel’s novel the Zodiac. In it, I admitted to the novel taking longer for me to finish and doing a half review based on where I was. I’d also mentioned doing a follow up whenever I finished the book and give a full on honest review. Well… I still haven’t finished it! I know, it’s a shame, but I can attest that it did get more interesting as I went on. My mom asked to borrow the book since I had told her about it and she’s really enjoying it. It might having something to do with her and Rhoma both being Cancers, but what do I know? Either way, the book is a decent read and I picked up its sequels with some hope as to where the story goes. Since my mom has my copy, i might just download the eBook from the public library and finish this thing once and for all. Or can just wait. I mean, I do want to know which guy Rhoma finally picks and if she’ll punch Caas in the face for being a two-faced Gemini… I think I’ve got some reading to do.


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