We influence one another every day. I want to say from when we wake up to when we go to sleep, but sometimes we even dream about each other. The things we see our friends post on social media impact us more than we know or believe. To pin point who has made my life worth living is would have to depend on what point of my life I’m referring to. Growing up it was I’d say without blinking an eye it was my grandma, my mom, and/or my sister. As a teenager, I’d say it was my boyfriend. As an adult, I’ll swear it is my husband and son. And I’m not wrong in any of those instances.

They all made and make me who I am today. If I were to lose any of them in this moment to whatever tragedy life throws at me, I know I’d be crushed. I’d not want to move forward, knowing full well that it’s all they’ll want me to do (after grieving them some). It’s easy for me to say that I make my life worth living, I do the great things that I love and with those I love, but I know that I am nothing without them. I know one day I will lose them one by one or they may lose me, but to live in fear of this is choosing to not live at all. 

I’m 24 years old with a loving family, no current health problems, great plans and, if I play my cards right, a long life worth living.


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