Assuming you’ve been with me for quite some time, you may already know how much I love Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles. I was filled with excitement when news of a new book was revealed. Besides being a twist on the classic tale and world of Wonderland, there wasn’t much else to know about this novel.

I’m ashamed to admit that I have yet to finish reading this novel, but I can happily say I’m enjoying every bit of it. There’s a good chance I’m being biased as I adore Meyer’s previous series, but I’m glad to say they’re both uniquely different. My focus has been all over the place and I keep putting reading and writing on as a “I’ll get to it tonight” and eventually pushing it off for the next day… Then the next day. And the next.

But, I really want to review this novel because I’m enjoying it so much so far. Taking place in the land of Hearts, Catherine is easily a favorite of the unmarried King. A talented baker, she want to open a shop and create amazing pastries beloved by all in the land. To her mother, such a life is unthinkable for a woman who could be a queen. At a royal ball, Cath meets the mysterious new court joker, Jest. It’s then when her dreams of her bakery include the young man, eventually entering a secret courtship with him.

Since I havn’t finished, I don’t expect you to take this review too seriously. Especially because I love Marissa Meyer’s past publications. Going in for the cons, I’d have to say that this isn’t so much a fantasy adventure novel than it is a kind of a slice of life work based in a world of fantasy. I mean, if Meyer chose to rewrite the book where the setting was taking place in a regular suburb, not too much of the plot would change. This isn’t bad, but if you’re looking for something with more ass kicking, you won’t exactly find it here. Aside from this, I can’t say much else since I’m only halfway through Heartless as it is.

On the pro side, it’s quite an interesting take on the topsy turvy world of Wonderland. Magical and impossible things happen as normal as day and night for the people of the kingdom and there’s even a slight mention of Alice taking a fall down the rabbit hole. Fan favorites such as The Hatta, Haiga, The Caterpillar (Absolem), and Cheshire, make appearances as well as have their place within the novel.

Obviously, since I’m lacking in finishing reading the novel, I’m lacking in giving a proper review. I’ll gladly do another one once I’ve finished. As you can see, I enjoy Meyer’s work and look forward to more of her writings in the future. If you’ve read this and/ or read any of her other novels and you’re enjoying it all as much as I do, don’t hesitate to share the love! Nothing’s greater than to know you’re surrounded by fellow fans!


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