This past Christmas, my wonderful sibling got my husband and me concert tickets for my favorite band, Bastille. Obviously, I’m exstatic to go. I even ordered a t-shirt and beanie from their website to wear during the concert this weekend. I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes, but I don’t think you understand how fucking great this is. I found out Bastille was coming to the US last summer and I was glued to the computer and my cell phone trying to get tickets. My heart broke when the tickets sold out within 30 seconds. I cried. Like, talk about first world problems…

Plenty will read this and roll their eyes and they have good reason to, unless they have a band or artist they love as much as I love Bastille. I came across them about three years ago, maybe a year before they were anywhere close to as popular as they are now. They didn’t even have an album out! I’d been listening to Imagine Dragons (whom I’ve also been blessed to see in concert) on my Google Play account when I started browsing the similar artists. Honestly, what caught my attention for Bastille’s profile was Dan’s hair, which may as well be its own entity. The first song I sampled was Things We Lost In The Fire and I was immediately hooked. 

I kept going back, over and over, to listen to their music and I still can’t get over them. I preordered their first album and the remix of it and their digital album then lived in partial misery for not being able to download their previous cover albums and then suffered emotional agony for almost two years waiting for this new album to drop (which I now own.)

Their music struck my soul in the best way possible and I don’t have any regrets becoming partially obsessed with them. Their writing is deep and pessimistic, yet hopeful and yearning to thrive at the same time. While everyone else is listening to their top singles on the radio, I’ve got their albums on repeat. Their covers for other songs, while still the same lyrics, hold different experiences. 

And that’s what’s so amazing and beautiful about Bastille to me. They’re music represents bothe the ugly and the beautiful in life. They are existential conversations and questions, knowing there are infinite answers and none at all, between yourself and the person and people who mean absolutely everything to you.

Dan, Will, Kyle, and Woody!

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