Normally, I do my best to keep the ongoings of my personal life private, but this particular situation has taken permanent residence in my thoughts and I feel the need to get it out. I suppose the biggest reason is because the person involved is someone I had come to peace with the fact we would never speak again. All due to forces beyond our control, of course. 

We were kids caught in a situation between adults. Sides were taken without proper and honest explanation or any opportunity to understand what was really going on and that was that. Nothing else mattered. In our minds, it was final that we would never be a part of each other’s lives ever again. At some point, over the years, we all became okay with it. It’s how we believed life was going to be: each one of us the bad guy in the other’s narrative of the disagreement.

And yet here we are, spending time together almost like it never happened. While a part of me is sorry the truth came out the way it did, the other part is glad. Because of all those involved, they were the one I missed the most. The only one who was so trusting to believe the lies they were told and never question them. The most innocent one of us all. And I’m sorry they got hurt in all this. I’m sorry they suffered the way they did. It was unpleasant, but it allowed them to open their eyes to the truths they needed to know.

What hurts now, though, is the time we’ve lost. It’s strange seeing them now as an adult, a decade of our lives without each other.  But, the entire experience has proven one thing. The only constant in our lives is change. Something I can now look forward to with them as a part of it.


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