Every day, we meet new people. Seriously, every time you step foot outside your home, you come across a person you’ve never met before. We’re all effected and affected by these other people. They make us kinder or meaner, but hopefully not the latter as much. They open our minds to a broader perspective and understanding of the universe. For all, I hope it’s for the better. For quite a few, I understand it isn’t. Like every person on my planet, I’ve met people who’ve been in my life for only moments and made impacts on my life in multiple and varying sizes. There are still more people I’ve yet to interact with in my lifetime.

What’s truly great about it is how they will make all the difference when you least expect it. They’ll remind you not to trust to blindly, but to always give the benefit of the doubt. They’ll expose you to a new song which you’ll learn to love or hate. They’ll help you understand why you love or hate things at all.

With this perspective, it’s a shame we can’t remember them all, huh? It would be nice to thank them for their part in shaping who you’ve become, down to the smallest aspect. Can you imagine how many would thank you?


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