I’m not going to lie, I’m going to talk about the film/television adaptations just as much as I will about this book. As a lot of books are (sadly), City of Bones was picked up because of the impending movie release. There was plenty of time to read it and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed! The movie was pretty damn great too. I was disappointed to learn there wouldn’t be a sequel, but that’s Hollywood for you.

Instead, it’s been turned into a live action drama series for television called Shadowhunters. I’ve only seen the first few episodes so I can only say it’s decent enough. Anyone watching it can’t deny there’s some serious over acting from a couple of the cast members. Anyway, regardless of the reason behind it, I’m glad I read the first book of the series.

Starting with cons, I may only have one, though it doesn’t bother me personally. The slight hint of incest between two of the characters might turn some readers off. Without spoiling anything, I want elaborate that it doesn’t go past kissing, it’s more accidental than anything, and it’s further (and better) explained in the book. Other than this, I don’t believe I have anything else to poke at. The characters and story are well developed and Clare doesn’t miss a beat. If I were to critique the show, it’d be how fast paced it is compared to the book. The monsters and demons are nothing as described and all the love interests are revealed in seconds where crafts them to come to full force on their own. Though the film had a few blunders, it was still better than the tv series when it comes to following the book. If I remember correctly, the movie had a few events out of order, but the demons were impressive and as described. Most importantly, no one declares their love for another character until it’s appropriately developed.

Continuing on with the pros of City of Bones, I loved the backstory and Clare’s use of angels, demons, and magic. I did not find myself getting bored with this novel. Every aspect and new information kept me wanting to learn more of the world Clare has wonderfully created. The characters are all awesome and cool in the aspect that you may have a Jace or Clary or Alec in your life as a friend (though they may not be Shadow Hunters in real life). You find yourself rooting for all of them and hoping they get what makes them happy. She may not be as greatly received or known as J.K. Rowling, but Cassandra Clare has definitely stepped up to the plate as a notable writer.

In the end, despite my why for reading City of Bones, I ended up looking forward to the live action counterparts. I may prefer one to the other, but that’s the way these things go. Whichever version it is you enjoyed more, or hope to enjoy, be sure to with me in the comment and tell me your why. Now all I have to do is finish the rest of the series!


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