First post of May! Hurrah! I’m pleased and proud to say that I have me my goal for five months and written a blog post twice a week since the start of this year. I’ve wobbled here and there, but I have refused to give up. So far, I’m twenty five posts in, including this one!

I’ve been thinking of ways to reward myself, just because, and I happened to run across my favorite movie while at the store. I have plenty, but this one is obviously Sailor Moon and tops the list. Don’t fret, I’ve done a great damn job as to not make every post be about my obsession with Sailor Moon. Honestly, it’s impressive I didn’t shift over to my obsession with Inuyasha. Maybe in the future I can share how dark and deep this rabbit hole is.

Anyway, I already own the original for Sailor Moon R along with the others and the rest of the series. Though, unless you’ve been living under a rock or just don’t care about manga and/or anime, you’ve heard they revamped the series two years ago. Meaning, the whole thing got a makeover and they decided to redo the dubbing and included the final season of the original show. This was all highly exciting news and I just couldn’t wait. This past winter, they included my favorite of the three feature films, Sailor Moon R: The Movie (Also known as Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose), into the dubbing makeover.

I can’t pin point one very big reason why this particular film is my favorite of the bunch. I love the villain of the story, the Xenian Flower. I found her gorgeous and sexy all while manipulating Tuxedo Masks’s long lost friend, Fiore. It was also neat to learn more about Mamoru’s past and seeing baby Usagi in all her sweetness. The climax of the movie is awesome too. Each senshi has been beaten to their near end, but they each get back up to fight along side one another. It’s touching to see how they all understand what it is to be and feel alone as well as get a glimpse of what makes Usagi such a great friend to them individually. Another kick ass reason is that Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion makes an appearance when Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask give their all to save the planet along with the other Sailor Scouts.

I’m happily ready to give the re-dub a chance, especially since the story isn’t as heavily edited as the “original” from my childhood. Though I want to play favorites, I know I’ll adore it as much as I always have and will. I mean, come on, it’s Sailor Moon!


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