Let me tell you about my best friend! My darling Katie is a beauty unlike any other– and I don’t just mean her looks. Nothing I’m about to say will do her any justice, but she truly is a unique and wonderful soul. I’m sure you rolling your eyes and sucking your teeth and saying “So what? I know a Katie and she ain’t that great…” Well, that’s a damn shame because MY Katie is a doll! No, seriously, she’s short… I bet she rolled her eyes too at that never ending joke, haha!

But, as I was saying, My Katie is special beyond words. She’s funny, she’s kind, and she puts others first. She’s hella smart and, sure, she can be stubborn, but it all ways comes from a good place: her heart. Oh, and she’s a babe. She’s single by choice and it makes all the women (and quite a few guys) miserable. Now I’m sure you’re jealous and want her as your best friend, but let me explain why I love her so much to make that jealousy hit full-throttle.

We don’t get to see one another often or talk every day like a lot of people believe friendship is. What makes her my best friend, besides her amazing pre-existing qualities, is that she’s always there for me despite how much time has past since we last talked. It can be days, weeks, or a few months, and she will do her best to by my side when we realize it’s been too much time apart.

My Katie once lived around the corner from me and I recently shared with her my regret for not going over to bug her enough. I think it just means we should move closer to her in our next move. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. She figured out we were having a baby before we announced it to the rest of our friends and family. She was present for as long as she could be for the birth of my son and I know she tried as hard as possible to stay by my side for the whole thing. She’s helped us move more than once, showing up like it’s obvious she’s going to help.

She’s level-headed, too. I know some asshole will want to argue otherwise, but My Katie is the person I turn to when I’m raging and ready to rip off heads. She assists when I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place and always makes decisions that will hopefully make everyone happy in the end. She always evaluates all aspects of a situation before making her final judgment and, without her, I’d have a lot of problems from charging in hot and heavy.

It’s rare to find even a decent person who genuinely cares about you, but I’ve hit the lotto with My Katie. She’s the whole package, the grown up with the eternal baby face. I can only hope she finds me even half as great to her as she is to me. I love you, My Katie!


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