These last few weeks, I’ve reflected on my life so far. As expected, there were downs along with the ups. Luckily, the bad doesn’t outweigh the good. And that’s how everyone should look at life. I graduated from high school, married my sweet heart, worked in a place of books, relearned what my true passion is, created a beautiful little family, and so on. None of it would have been possible if I hadn’t continued to push forward with my personal journey in life. 

The downs were hard and heavy and are far from done, two facts I will never deny. Yet, I have been reminded and keep reminding myself that the future I want is possible. To make it so, I must do what I need to and push myself when I believe it’s all for nothing.  It’s not easy, nothing worth having ever is, but to have a bright and happy future to rival my present, it only takes a bit of gusto.


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