Having dreams and goals gives a different sens of meaning to or existence. They make us each unique and give us a reason to thrive. n the last few weeks, I’d thought about my goals and dreams and what defines me. I love writing and I’m obsessed with anime. It’s always been my biggest dream to finish my novel– any novel, really– and have it published. Normal people hope for fame after such a feat, or even a nice pay day, maybe a movie adaption. I, on the other hand, realized I want one thing after my novel is published. Well, two things. For my work to be noticed (a smidge of fame won’t hurt) and for it to be turned into an anime. I’ve yet to decide what Japanese animation company I would love to bless me with their skills and bring my words to life on a screen, nit I’ll be forever grateful when they do. It might be outlandish to many, but Howl’s Moving Castle is absolutely beautiful and no one can deny it. One day soon, I’ll finish my and publish a novel so great, everyone will say the same thing about its anime.


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