As I do every year since I learned about it, I participated in in JuNoWriMo. My first year, I didn’t finish. My second year, I gave birth to my son so I tapped out midway. My third year, I was trying to balance being a mom and writing. This year, I started off horribly lazy. I wrote a few words in the first day or two and trailed off. There were even days I avoided writing altogether.

But, a thought hit me. Another years is about to go by without having finished this novel. So, forcing myself to commit, I secluded myself from my husband and son over the course of (the last) four days during JuNoWriMo and wrote. And I’m glad I did because, you guys, I (finally) finished my novel! I’m itching to jump on editing it, but the smart thing is to let it cool off. In the meantime, I’ve been working on other writing projects.

There’s going to be some of you rolling your eyes and saying “So what?”,  but I’ve done something amazing. I’m proud of myself and feel great for moving forward. With this one done, I believe I can accomplish anything and everything. Nothing can or will take this feeling from me.


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