Like any and every one else, I wondered what my voaction is while here on our planet. As any normal human being, it took me some time to realize it’s been right in my face the whole time. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, even before it struck me I was doing it. It wasn’t until I realized i could actually make a career I enjoyed out of this (because I’d spent my whole life being told I had to get that proverbial real job so I can make real money.), that it hit me how I’ve been doing what I love the entire time without noticing it.

As children, my sister and I were set to do a project of creating a book. By this time I’d been drawing none stop, so naturally, I’d been assigned the duty of making the pictures. My sister was tasked with writing the story. For some reason, I was pretty miffed I couldn’t; do both. Maybe I was just jealous and that sparked the desire to write, but I remember it as this urge of “Oh, I can do it! I know how!”

Now, I’m way out of practice with my art skills, but if I picked it up again and dedicated myself to it, I’m sure I could make something appealing enough. On the other hand, I never let go of writing. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but a year or so after the project with my sister, I was convinced by a childhood friend to write a story about our favorite anime characters. I later learned this was fanfiction and I was proud and impressed id managed it on my own. Mind you, I was in fourth or fifth grade when I did this.

From there, I actually dove into writing more fanfiction and eventually, my own stories with my own characters. I may be overthinking it, but writing is the medium I use as a story teller. There are plenty of you who will roll their eyes and nag that it’s a waste of time, but that isn’t in any way true. I see stories as a way to channel a message. They give people hope, inspiration, healing, and so much more. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or not. It still gets through to the reader and if it doesn’t, they won’t hesitate to reach out to the author or other readers in a desire to understand.

The moment I decided I wanted to be a writer, I noted I’d already been following my passion all along. I may not be perfect at it, but I sure as hell haven’t stopped and I have no plans on letting it go now.


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