A Bit of Thanks

Manners are important. They define you are as a person. It drives me crazy when someone can’t manage a please or thank you. Too often, it’s people who believed their entitled who don’t say so. Whether that’s simply them or a failure on their upbringing, I don’t know. What I do know is if you need something, you don’t demand. You ask and add a “please” in there.

Someone will do you the favor to make sure that need is met. If you’re met with a “No” or “No, thanks”, don’t lose your shit. Be okay with it and move on. If you receive that something, show appreciation. It doesn’t matter how small. Say “thank you”. Be comfortable with a “you’re welcome” and a “no problem.” Both are appropriate responses toward gratitude.

How you present yourself to others is also important. The world doesn’t have to like you, but you don’t have to be an ass-hat. We’re all entitled to the right to live, which means we’re entitled to respect. All of us. The sooner we realize this and put aside our ridiculous prejudice of race, age, gender, and etc, the better this society and species will be.

So, please, drop the bullshit. We’re better than this. Thanks.


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