Literacy Lunacy: Lena North’s Wilder

When Wilder’s grandpa and mom die, she sure she’s alone in the world. But, Grandpa Willy leaves her a final gift in his will – the truth that, Paolo, the only man she ever known as her father, is in fact not.

After meeting her real dad, Hawker, Wilder’s life takes the least expected turn. She discovers she has an impossible heritage. It isn’t long before past secrets are unearthed and Wilder must fight to keep her newly found loved ones and world safe from destruction.

The plot is not what I expected. It’s a unique twist of paranormal fantasy without overindulging in the paranormal or the fantasy. Not giving anything away, I loved how the story falls cleaning on the line of realism and fantasy. Wilder comes of as contemporary, but holds enough mystery to make the reader aware there’s more to it than family drama.

Wilder travels with her best friend, Mickey, to a bar in Norton to catch a glimpse of her “good-for-nothing-alcoholic” dad. When they arrive, she learns he’s everything but. She’s introduced to a close knit group of family and friends, finding she has more relatives than she ever thought. On her way out of the bar, she bumps into Mac. With the first glance, Wilder finds him handsome, but catches on that he’s knows he’s a looker. They’re interactions from there on left me grinning every time.

Wilder is a well-developed character. She’s stubborn and knows how to win her battles. If she ever backs down, it’s usually when she doesn’t want to argue in circles with equally hard-headed Hawker, Mickey, or Mac. Her behavior and interactions with the people of Norton is admirable. When it comes to Mac, she doesn’t forget who she is or let him woo her into stupidity. The same for Mickey or Hawker. While Wilder often takes on dangerous situations on her own, she’s always part of a team when it comes to any of the three men.

As it turns out, Wilder is a spin off to The Dreughan series.  It can be read without needing to pick up the prior series. Some scenes indicated to another in depth story from the The Dreughan series, but Wilder doesn’t rely on it to be read or enjoyed on its own. North created a plot full of mystery, love, drama, and revenge. My connection to the people of Norton and their Birds grew as the story did.

I gave the first book of the Birds of a Feather series 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. North’s story and characters and use of light fantasy left me interested in reading the rest of the series and its predecessor, The Dreughan series.

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