Support Indie-Authors with the Indiecember Reading Challenge!

Books, books, books! It’s December and, if you want to catch up with your Goodreads or show support to the Indie community, it’s not too late to start on the Indiecember Reading Challenge!

Created by Megan Tennant, author of the Aletheia, the challenge is to bring awareness to the indie-writing community and its authors.

The rules are easy: read an self/indie-pub book and review it on Amazon during the month of December. If you have read the book at any other time, but never reviewed it, you can do so during the challenge and mark a spot in the board.

There are two ways to play!

One is the traditional Bingo style. Each book counts once and you have to cross the board to win.

The other is Flush style. One book can count as many times to fill your bingo sheet, but you have to cover it completely to win. (This one may be easier if you’re starting late!)


Below are the bingo cards created by Megan Tennant that I liked.

blueandredboardredtext          blueandredgreenboardrules

If you’d prefer different styled cards or want to know more about Indiecember and how you can contribute, click here! Every bingo winner will be entered to win from a variety of prizes, donated by indie-authors in the community.

Currently, I’m reading Annette Marie’s Red Winter. I’m super excited to read more titles and while I have a few in mind, I want to hear more from you! Share in the comments or let me know on social media. We can learn about awesome indie-books and their phenomenal authors together.

Don’t know of many or any self-published authors? It’s okay! Megan has graciously created a list of 800 titles to choose from.

Good luck to you this Indiecember and I hope you find your new favorite author!

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