Our Miscarriage Story

I shared on my YouTube channel the loss of our 13 week pregnancy earlier this summer. You can see the video here if you missed it.

As my little family and I worked through our loss, we decided to keep pushing forward and we’re happy to share our family of three is expanding to four. As of writing this post, I am now 20 weeks pregnant– half way into my pregnancy.

While it is in our plans to see a professional to discuss our tragic experience, my husband, son, and I were lucky to have one another and the love, understanding, and support from family members and close friends.

In my video, I share a book given to us by our grievance counselor, Empty Arms written by Pam Vredevelt. While the book came off a bit religious for my taste, I was able to read between the lines and apply the meanings and lessons to my situation. It was a relief to know my husband, son, and I weren’t alone in our loss and heartache.


If you or someone you know is going through a miscarriage or is still working through the loss, I do recommend this book. Do understand that it isn’t a cure all. While I was able to find understanding and some peace with Vredevelt’s book, I still suffered from depression and suicide. Again, I am blessed to have had the support of my husband and loved ones to help me through it.

This isn’t always the case for everyone. No matter what you may believe, please reach out.

There is always someone there for you.

If you or someone you know.png

Despite the tragedy, we knew our baby was still coming. And we were right.

Again, thank you so much for being a part of my journey and allowing me to be vulnerable.

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