A Little Tradition

It’s December and the year has flown by yet again! I’m not complaining as it’s been fairly eventful and full of happiness and love for me and, hopefully, it’s been the same for you.

This may be corporate brainwashing a mom thing, but I always look forward to the holidays because I love spending it with my beautiful little family. My husband and I spend a lot of time hustling the rest of the year and, when October rolls around, it’s like a friendly reminder to stop and appreciate what we’re doing and who we’re doing it for. And this year we get to do it with our youngest addition!

When we moved into our first apartment, Robert surprised me with a our first Christmas tree. What made it even greater is that we started a family tradition: picking out a special ornament that sums up our feelings for the year. Two years later, we did it for our son (who now picks his own every year) and this year, we picked our daughter’s first ornament.

Our tree is usually decorated with specific colors. The first couple years, it had blue, white, and silver ornaments. Recently, it’s been green and silver (Go, Slytherin!), but it’s amazing to see it slowly fill with my family’s personality.

Each milestone ornament and each cartoon character added is blessing in many different ways, but the most important one is being able to witness my family grow. And being able to grow along side them. Every new lesson and skill learned, every new cartoon loved, and every person adding to our tree is a unique tracker of time I’m happy to have with my little family and— most importantly— pass on to my babes.

Every family has a unique tradition. What does your family do at this time of the year? If you don’t have any, are there some you’d like to start? Share with me! Tell me what tradition you’ll start this year or hope to start in the future.

I wish you the happiest and most joyful time with your loved ones and all the traditions you may have.

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