Making Tomorrow Better

It’s the first month of 2020, meaning everyone is hustling and grinding like it’s nobody’s business. Well, they’re trying to. My biggest goal for this year is to publish my novel, which means a lot to me since I pushed it off for a perfectly good reason. In order to make that happen, I self-imposed a deadline and scheduled out my days to make it happen. But, I’m a stay at home mom of two and life has a habit of doing what it wants. Even when my husband and kids respect my work time, the rest of the world does not.

While I fight to keep on track, I’ve already had some bad days this first week into the new year. Either I haven’t edited, exercised, or written like I promised I was going to. Does this suck? Hell yeah. Does it set the tone for the rest of my year? Nope.

In 2019, I realized I stressed and overworked myself over too many things. I would get anxious before going to sleep because I felt I hadn’t accomplished enough during the day. That I had to earn rest. As if taking care my children, educating them, working on my novel(s), and tending to my home didn’t count because I only edited one chapter instead of two.

All that stops now. Everything I do matters. Everything I do counts. Everything I do will push me forward, even if I miss a day or two here and there. And I will not work overtime and overload myself to “make up” those missed days.

While my biggest goal of 2020 is to publish my first novel, my life goal is to be kind and reasonable to myself— to be enough.

Today might suck, but I’m making tomorrow better.

Make sure you do the same.

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