DaisiesOnGravesDaisies on Graves

Not all stories have happy endings. From the loss of faith and hope to the loss of love and life, not everything has a happily ever after. There are second chances and last chances, some that not all of us tend to take up when the opportunity presents itself.

A collection of short stories and selected poems.

Release Date: November 30th, 2012


FinalCoverUpdatesMy Mother’s Secret

Alizé Salvaz knows without a doubt she is losing her mind. Her life quickly spirals out of control and, to make matters worse, she’s sure there is something after her and her family. She needs answers and fast. After near death experiences and freaky on-goings, Alizé must test friendships, loyalties, and her own judgement to figure out the truth behind her family’s broken past.

Release Date: To Be Announced


4 thoughts on “Books

    1. 100 chapters? Wow, kudos to you! And yes, I am self-publishing but I’m going the ebook route first. I’ve researching self-publishing companies and only a few have caught my eye. Authorhouse has been my pick so far.

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