Our Miscarriage Story

I shared on my YouTube channel the loss of our 13 week pregnancy earlier this summer. You can see the video here if you missed it. As my little family and I worked through our loss, we decided to keep pushing forward and we’re happy to share our family of three is expanding to four. As of writing this post, I am now 20 weeks … Continue reading Our Miscarriage Story

A Long Life Worth Living

We influence one another every day. I want to say from when we wake up to when we go to sleep, but sometimes we even dream about each other. The things we see our friends post on social media impact us more than we know or believe. To pin point who has made my life worth living is would have to depend on what point … Continue reading A Long Life Worth Living

Graciousness in Bloom

People are complimented so often, we become desensitized to what exactly they’re complimenting us on. A stranger could tell me I have lovely hair or a nice smile or that they found a short story I’d written done extremely well. If I hear it enough, I know a part of my brain will turn it off and I’ll forget about how much people enjoy the … Continue reading Graciousness in Bloom

A Little Bit of Balance Goes A Long Way

There are three things that help keep me balanced: having a routine, talking with my husband, and being mindful of the present. Communication is key to any and every relationship. Without it, everything’s bound to crash and burn. If the relationship/friendship falls apart even though there was an open line of communication, then there was a deeper problem going on. But, that’s not where I’m … Continue reading A Little Bit of Balance Goes A Long Way

My Ultimate Struggles

Similar to all humans there are many things that I struggle with. There’s little doubt they’re the same things you struggle with daily. To execute my goals this year and establish better habits for the rest of my (and my family’s) life, I set a specific time to be asleep and awake by. This way, I can get up and make breakfast for myself and … Continue reading My Ultimate Struggles

Regret No More!

Regret is not something people enjoy living with. Most of the time, we tell ourselves that we won’t make the same mistake the next time around. I, for one, have a few regrets of my own. More so in this past year than ever. For some bizarre reason I can’t even understand myself, I became extremely scared to move forward. My head filled with nonsense … Continue reading Regret No More!

Back to Life, Back to Reality

It goes without saying that I can go a while without posting. At least, now I can say I’ve broken my record by a year! Not something I should be proud of? Yeah, point taken. But, give me a break. I had a baby. That’s a serious life changing event. We celebrated our son’s first birthday. We moved three times. See, more life changes! And … Continue reading Back to Life, Back to Reality

JuNoWriMo Update: Week One

I’m going to keep this post short. Today completes my first week of JuNoWriMo, run by Becca J. Campbell, author of The Flawed Series. As of today, I’m happy to say that I have made some pretty great progress! If you’ve done NaNoWriMo in the past then you are familiar with out it works. The difference and fun part is that all participants can either start a … Continue reading JuNoWriMo Update: Week One

A Little Game of Catch Up

No, I’m not dead. Forgive the spurt of posts then my sudden disappearance. School got the best of me, my philosophy class mainly, and my brain could only handle so much at once. This month felt like absolute mayhem. With classes coming to a close, I had essays, tests, and finals, piling one on top of the other along with our baby shower and us preparing for … Continue reading A Little Game of Catch Up

Just Some (Mostly) Awesome Stuff!

Today is my first day as an intern for a non-profit organization and I have to admit, it has gone extremely well! I learned of the organization through my school’s Work Study program (which was how they contacted me). We began the difficult process of scheduling an interview, rescheduling said interview twice because of freak snow storms that closed most of the state, waiting for … Continue reading Just Some (Mostly) Awesome Stuff!