Literacy Lunacy: K.L. Romo’s Life Before

I usually don’t like historical fiction, so when I cam across Life Before, I was hesitant to read it. Looking over the synopsis, I decided to go against my doubt. The genre may not be my first pick, but K.L. Romo’s unique interlacing of history, reincarnation, and prostitution is well done. I feel this has opened my mind up to a new genre—in books and life. … Continue reading Literacy Lunacy: K.L. Romo’s Life Before

A Bit of Thanks

Manners are important. They define you are as a person. It drives me crazy when someone can’t manage a please or thank you. Too often, it’s people who believed their entitled who don’t say so. Whether that’s simply them or a failure on their upbringing, I don’t know. What I do know is if you need something, you don’t demand. You ask and add a … Continue reading A Bit of Thanks

The Beauty of Magic

Oh, sweet, J.K. Rowling. Thank you for the gift that is Harry Potter. It has birth so much joy since its creation. The best one being the fan-fiction dedicated to the series. While I respect the events written in the books by Rowling are canon, I refuse to accept them. This can get scary, so I won’t go too into it, but Hermione ad Draco … Continue reading The Beauty of Magic

Literacy Lunacy: Sally Green’s Half Bad

Back when I was still working at a book store, my mom sent me a text with an article attached. She was asking if I had heard about the book mentioned in the article and I hadn’t. Skimming through, the piece raved about how Half Bad was the next Harry Potter. I rolled my eyes at this because by now everyone is trying to be … Continue reading Literacy Lunacy: Sally Green’s Half Bad

Graciousness in Bloom

People are complimented so often, we become desensitized to what exactly they’re complimenting us on. A stranger could tell me I have lovely hair or a nice smile or that they found a short story I’d written done extremely well. If I hear it enough, I know a part of my brain will turn it off and I’ll forget about how much people enjoy the … Continue reading Graciousness in Bloom

International Women’s Day and Feminism

This is the day where we celebrate women all around the world. Today so much has been said and left unsaid for the cause of gender equality and empowering women. Whenever I hold a conversation with someone and I speak on my beliefs, I sadly have to explain what I mean when I am a feminist. And why is that? Because so many people associate … Continue reading International Women’s Day and Feminism